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Coach Braden and the Health and Wellness Grant from The Education Foundation

Posted Date: 02/28/2022

Coach Braden and the Health and Wellness Grant from The Education Foundation

I was awarded a health and wellness grant from The Education Foundation for a total of $1,000. Money was raised from the Clinton 5K and The Education Foundation to fund the 2022 health and wellness grants. It will be used for implementation of an archery program to serve both Norwood Elementary and Norwood Middle School students. My goal for this project is to give the students of Norwood Elementary School an opportunity to try something new that they probably won’t be able to do outside of school or otherwise. As an avid outdoorsman, bowhunting is my favorite thing to do and I want to share my passion with my students.


Archery is a popular sport because it offers something different than the traditional sports. It is an activity that doesn’t discriminate based on popularity, athletic skill, gender, size, or academic ability. It allows every student to participate and succeed. Archery can be enjoyed by disabled and able bodied people. Archery puts students on an even playing field within their physical education class. In doing this, many students are able to succeed in a sport for the first time. This alone will instill so much  confidence in students. Shooting an arrow into the target will surely give a child a great sense of accomplishment. This will increase the students' interest and participation in physical education class. Using archery as a reward for good behavior will motivate students to be well behaved at school and on the bus.


Archery applies many of the Tennessee Physical Education Standards. Archery involves learning a step-by-step process of drawing a bow and shooting an arrow so students will develop better listening and observation skills. Archery offers a great goal-setting environment. Students can set goals for each class and then monitor their progress. Archery teaches growth mindset and improves mental toughness. Although it takes practice, students can learn how to keep their composure after making a bad shot. Students quickly learn that by slowing down and focusing on one step at a time, they will be more successful. This is a great recipe for success in PE class, in the classroom, and in life. Archery also helps physical development because it requires significant stamina and upper body and core strength to draw the bow and keep the bow steady while aiming. Building core strength helps improve balance and stability. Having better balance and stability improves posture, hand-eye coordination, and the chances of hitting the target. The most important part of archery is safety. You can be sure that practicing archery will teach students to be responsible for one another and for the equipment being used. Teaching students how to be aware of their surroundings is an important skill they will carry on throughout life.